The Zawiya and Mausoleum of Zayn El-Deen Yusuf lies in Sharia Salah Salem near by El-Sayyida Eisha square. The complex was constructed by Zayn El-Deen Yusuf who served as the Chief Qadi, arbitrator, at the reign of Sultan Qalawun. It is well-known also that Zayn El-Deen is a member of the family of Prophet Mohamed and also is a relative for the Umayyad Caliphs. This monument that once contained a Madrasa and a mausoleum is worth visiting for its entrance which is handsomely decorated with stalactites. The interior plan of the Madrasa consists of a vast courtyard surrounded by four covered vaulted aisles. These aisles are gracefully ornamented with floriated Kufic inscriptions of Quran verses and medallions. On the right side of the Mihrab stands the cenotaph of Zayn El-Deen with its ribbed dome. This dome is distinguished by its height and its stalactite-squinch system. The portal with its beautiful inscriptions that tell some information about the constructor is the only remaining part of the Zawiya.