The Mosque of Alti Barmaq locates in El Ghandur Street nearby the Hammam of Emir Bashtak . It is surrounded by a group of small shops whose rent is used for sponsoring the maintenance of the mosque. The mosque was established by El-Sheikh Mohamed Ibn Mohamed El-Eskuby in 1711 . The design of the mosque mixes between the Mamluk and the Ottoman style features since the façade has the Mamluk style, whereas the Minaret has the ottoman style of decoration. The interior structure of the mosque is highly distinguishing. There is a main aisle with a flat roof surrounded by vault-covered side aisles. The mosque includes an open loggia opposite to the Mihrab dedicated for Quran readers. The Mihrab is gracefully decorated with distinguishing Iznik tiles that seems to be made earlier than the mosque itself since there are some ruined parts of it.