The Mosque of Taghri Bardi lies on one of the sides of Sharia El-Saliba. Nearby the mosque, one can see a number of monuments that date back to the Mamluk and Ottoman periods including the Sabil-Kuttab of Abbas Agha , the Mosque of Mughulbay Taz , and the Sabil of Umm Abbas . This mosque was erected by Taghri Bardi El-Rumy who was a very famous Emir during the reign of Sultan Barsbay, and was the leader of the army that invaded the Crusader kingdom of Cyprus. He served as a Grand Dawadar or executive secretary of Sultan El-Zahir Gaqmaq, but shortly after this promotion he was assassinated by one of his Mamluks.

The most distinguishing parts of Taghri Bardi Mosque are the two beautifully decorated façades. The main facade appears in Saliba Street and in the middle of which lies the brightly colored entrance. On the side street stands the second façade that has a door through which one can reach the mausoleum and also enter the Mosque-Madrasa. The Minaret of the mosque stands on the left of the main facade and beside it there is the Sabil-Kuttab of the complex. The noble men of this period were usually establishing such places as a kind of charity.

On the other side of the main facade, one can see the ribbed dome of the Mausoleum with its beautiful stalactite vestiges. The mosque is illuminated through some ornamented windows that appear on either sides of the Mihrab. The interior plan of the mosque is a Cruciform one with a courtyard surrounded by four aisles the eastern one leads to the ablution place, while the western one is used as a place for women to perform prayer in it.