The Mosque of Mustafa Shurbagi Mirza locates in the point where the Esh El-Nahl Street and Mirza Street intersect together, nearby the Mosque of El-Qadi Yahya . This mosque was established by Emir Mirza who occupied a prominent in the military forces at the time of Sultan Selim I . The façade of the mosque is surrounded by a number of stalls whose rent was used for the upkeep and maintenance of the building.
The interior plan of the mosque is admired for its style of decoration that merges between the Mamluk and the Ottoman styles. This appears obviously in the decoration of the Mihrab aisle, the courtyard and some parts of the walls with beautiful marble vestiges and handsome tiles. Of special interest in this mosque are the stained glass windows and the handsome marble panels that beautify the covered central courtyard. In one of the corners of the mosque stands a Maqsura or a gallery that was dedicated to reciting Quran.
The ceiling of the mosque is supplied with three Malqafs or wind escape that was usually used for the ventilation and illumination of the mosque but it is not in use now. Next to the left corner of the mosque, in Ish El-Nahl Street, stands the Sabil of Miraz that was built as a kind of charity and to provide the thirst passersby with cold water. The surrounding area of this Sabil was full of shops and usually crowded with people.