The Mosque-Mausoleum of Ganim El-Bahlawan lies in Bab Zuwayla. It was established by Emir Ganim El-Bahlawan in the late Mamluk period. The mosque has a beautiful design that became the typical design for most of the Ottoman period mosques especially in the heavily decorated Minaret and the façade. The façade of the mosque is handsomely decorated by frames with carved vestiges and widows with stalactites and spandrels. From inside, the main courtyard is divided by two opposite asiles illuminated by windows. From the aisle of the Qibla one can reach the domed Mausoleum that lies in the street side of the monument.

The Mausoleum was erected after the mosque itself. Yet the majority of the inner decoration of the mosque and the mausoleum disappeared. The bank for recieting Coran and the Minbar are still preserving their beautiful vestiges that highlight the Mamluk style of decoration.