The Mausoleum of Khayrbak was established in 1502, whereas the Mosque had been established 18 years after. In spite of being built in the period of transition from the Mamluk to ottoman rule, the style of decoration is purely Mamluk one. The Mosque-Mausoleum of Khayrbak was established by Emir Khayrbak Melbay El- Mahmudy who was the viceroy of Aleppo and one of the prominent emirs in that time. To meet his over ambition and his desire of gaining more power, he plotted with the ottomans against Sultan al-Ghuri in his fight against them. After defeating the Mamluks in Marj Dabiq and winning the rule of Egypt, the Ottomans appointed Khayrbak as the 1st ottoman viceroy of Egypt. He controlled over the Palace of Alin Aq and renovated it to be his own Palace.

This complex is one of the most distinguished buildings within El Darb El Ahmar District. The Minaret and the dome of the Mosque are richly decorated with hearts and leaves and the outer shape of them is triangular. The Minaret lies on the other side of the Façade. The Sabil- Kuttab is nearby the entrance of the Mosque. The Mosque has a distinguishing entrance, since one can enter it through a beautifully decorated corridor. There are few steps on the right side of the corridor that lead to the Mosque. On the other side of the corridor, appears a door that leads to the Sabil. In the entrance of the Mosque appears a group of seats made of stone. In addition, the threshold of the Mosque is made of stones from a Pharaonic building. The arches of the Mosque are built straight across the windows of the Qibla. In the wall of the Qibla, there is a door that leads to the Palace of Alin Aq. The Mausoleum of the Mosque is not luxuriously decorated, yet it is distinguished by its height.