The Mosque of Emir Akhur lies in El-Nassereya Street. It was established by Qanibay El-Sayfi or El-Rammah who worked as Emir Akhur Kabir in the reign of Sultan El-Ghuri. Emir Qanibay established another mosque nearby the mosque of Sayyida Zaynab but it was almost ruined due to the destruction of the Minaret of it. This mosque is distinguished by its Minaret with its double finial, its dome that has beautiful arabesque decorations and its corner supports and beautiful fleur-de-lis cresting. The problem that faced the architect while building this mosque is the slopping ground level that he overcame through establishing the Sabil-Kuttab at the low end of the façade, while the main building was built above a number of storage rooms.
From inside the mosque was designed on the Mamluk style of decoration as a main courtyard surrounded by four aisles. The ceiling of the main courtyard of the mosque does not exist now. Of special interest in this mosque is the gracefully ornamented dome that surmounts the Qibla nave. On the right side of the mosque appears the tomb of Emir Qanibay preceded by a hall which was dedicated to Shaykhs to recite Quran there. The Mosque was restored many times and the first renovation process took place in 1895.