The Mosque of Azbak El-Yussufi lies in Azbak Street near by the Mosque of Ibn Tulun in Sharia El-Saliba. It was established by Emir Azbak El-Yussufi who served as Emir of Sword in 1471. He occupied many other great posts till his death in 1498 when he was the Counselor of State for Sultan Qaytbay's son. The Mosque is situated on a corner, therefore it has two façades. The main façade (north), contains the entrance.
Azbak, his wife the princess Bunukh, and her son Farag are buried behind the impressive Mashrabiya screen in the southern aisle. The Mosque from inside is gracefully ornamented with marble floor, gilded ceiling, and wooden frames around the doors. The Mihrab is poorly decorated, whereas the Minbar is charmingly inlaid. The mosque is distinguished by its tall distinctive Minaret is one of the best models that expound the late Mamluk design. This Mosque is used by the neighbors as a place for prayer, and a place for Quran study groups to meet in till now.