The Mosque of Gawhar El-Lala lies in Maydan Salah El-Deen. It lies nearby the complex of Shaykh El Rifaey that contains a mosque, Madrasa, mausoleum, Sabil, and Kuttab. The mosque of Gawhar El Lala is distinguished by its beautiful dome and squat Minaret.

The complex was erected by Emir Gawhar who was a free slave and served as a Chief Eunuch for Sultan Barsbay and a Chief Tutor or Lala for Barsbay's son who assumed power for a very short period. At the reign of Sultan Gaqmaq, Gawhar was imprisoned and he died there affected by a severe epileptic attack. The mosque is worth visiting for its Mid-Mamluk style of decoration, since it is beautifully decorated with marble panels and the main nave is surmounted by a lantern cupola.

The wall of the Qibla is beautifully ornamented with softly colored marble panels. The windows in that wall are angled in a way that helps the Muslims in directing correctly to Mecca while performing prayer. The Minbar of the mosque was decorated with inlaid polygonal decorations that were replaced with simple vestiges later on. The northwest aisle of the mosque is dedicated to women to pray in. the complex was renovated in 1896.