The mosque of Sayyida Nafisa locates 150 meters southward El-Sayyida Nafisa Square. It was built by Abbas Helmy II during the Dynasty of Mohammed Ali Pasha. El-Sayyida Nafisa is one of the members of Prophet Mohammed who has a great reputation in Egypt and is regarded as a Saint.
The mausoleum was rebuilt and decorated many times since the Fatimid period till now. The mosque of El-Sayyida Nafisa was reconstructed by Abd El-Rahman Katkhuda but it was destroyed by fire and it was rebuilt many times after that. The mosque that exists currently in the square dates back to 1897 and was erected by Abbas Helmy II.
During the last quarter of the 20th century, many extensions were added to the mosque to make it one of the major centers for Studying Quran and prophetic instructions. The mosque has two doors: the main door is especially for men, threw which they can reach the cenotaph of El-Sayyida Nafisa, and another door next to the west façade of the mosque, threw which women can enter to walk around the shrine. Of special interest in this mosque are the finely designd metal screen over the cenotaph that stands in one of the corners of the mosque and the excessively decorated dome surmounting it.