The Mosque of El-Qadi Yahya locates in the point in which Port Said Street intersects with El-Azhar Street. Beyond the west side of this mosque one can find the handsome Sabil of Umm Hussein Bey or the 19th century fountain. The mosque was erected by the Judge or El-Qadi Zayn El-Din Yahya who served in many prominent jobs in the reign of Sultan Gaqmaq such as the Grand Ustadar and the Majordomo. He was a Mamluk of the Pen and a Mamluk of Sword and he occupied a great position in the country for a long period of time. At the end of his life he suffered a lot because of Sultan Qaytbay's hatred for him; he was imprisoned and severely tormented.
The mosque is worth visiting for its beautiful surface decoration and the grand plan that resembles the style of decoration that was used in the Burgi Mamluk mosques. Of special interest in this mosque is the Minaret with its merlon ornate. On the southern entrance one can notice the beautiful blazon of the Judge on the stalactite hood of the window. In 1894, the mosque was restored and the southern façade of it was renovated and the ceiling of the main nave of the Qibla and the Sahn. The present ceiling is distinguished by its interlocking rosettes and the shining inscriptions that appear on it. The blazon of El-Qadi Yahya appears on the walls of the mosque as well.