The Mosque of Aqsunqur or the Blue Mosque, lies in El Darbel Ahmar on the right side of Bab EL Wazir Street. It is nearby the Mosque-Mausoleum of Khayrbak and the Waqf of Ibrahim Agha Mustafizan. The name, Blue Mosque is due to the abundance of blue tiles of the type of Iznik in its wall that were added by Ibrahim Agha.

This Mosque was established by Emir Shams El-Din Aqsunqur; one of the prominent noblemen in the Mamluk period. After his participation in a plot against Sultan El Kamil Shaban in 1347 he was condemnned to death. Of special interest in this mosque is its unique and simple decoration and its circular columns.

The Façade is characterized by its handsome blue-gray marble inlays, while the entrance of the Mosque contains an arched recess with two finely carved brackets. The interior plan of the mosque consists of an open courtyard surrounded by four aisles. Many parts of that mosque were ruined, and the only remaining part is the wall of the Qibla.


There is also a dome above the Mihrab and a fountain that dates back to 1412/815.The Mihrab of this mosque is a good example for the style of decoration used in the Mamluk period. It is characterized by its marble panels, and marble and mosaic in lay. The hand rail of the mosque is handsomely decorated with grape clusters and undulating leaves. The Monument was restored by the Comite in 1908. The mosque of Aqsunqur is annexed to the tomb of one of Sultan El-Nasir Muhammad's sons and Aqsunqur himself.