The Mosque of Maleka Safiya is 200 meters downward Mohamed Ali St in the side street of Sikket El-Maleka. Northward the mosque stands the Sabil-Kuttab of Mustafa El-Muhasibgi surrounded by a number of modern buildings that took a part of the original garden of the mosque. The mosque was constructed by Uthman Agha Dar El-Saada who was a Black Eunuch and an agent and servant of Queen Safiya. After his death before finishing the building, Queen Safiya, the wife of Sultan Murad III and the mother of Sultan Muhammed III, took it as a part of her fortune. She completed the construction of the mosque and supplied it with many custodians some of them carried the responsibility of cleaning the mosque and its garden, while others carried other responsibilities including teaching people the Islamic rites and the correct way of Reciting Quran. Of special interest in the interior plan of the mosque is the variety of styles of decoration used in it.

It is quite different from the mosques that were built in the Ottoman period in Cairo for its structure that resembles that of the mosques of Istanbul. This appears clearly in the attachment of a garden to the mosque and the central dome of the mosque that is fixed upon six arches supported by Granite columns. At the same time it is similar to the other mosques of Cairo in placing the prayer niche in the back wall. The Mihrab with marble panels follows the Mamluk style of decoration, while the Minbar is ornamented on the Ottoman style. The mosque is illuminated through windows beautifully decorated with stained glass. There were many gatways for the mosque but now there is only one remaining entrance preceeded by a number of stairsteps.