The Mosque of Abd El-Ghani El-Fakhri locates in Sharia Port Said nearby the mosque of El-Qadi Yahya. It was established by Emir Abd El-Ghani El-Fakhri who occupied many important positions in the country until he was promoted as a minister or Wazir in the reign of Sultan Farag and Sultan El-Muayyad. The portal of the mosque is handsomely ornamented with bronze geometric patterns. Of special interest in the mosque is the lattice screen that covers the well that appears on the left side of the corridor and was used for supplying the ablution fountain with water. The sanctuary nave of the mosque also is distinguished by its flat ceiling and its black columns with its Ptolemaic style of decoration. On the left side of the Qibla stands the mausoleum of Abd El-Ghani El-Fakhri.

The mosque was renovated by the mother of Hussein Bey, one of Muhammad Ali's sons. She is credited to building a beautiful Sabil on the other side of the street facing the mosque, but in 1930 this Sabil was moved from its location and placed behind the mosque of El-Qadi Yahya.