The Madrasa of Emir Mithqal lies  in the alley that leads to Bait El-Qadi Street off El Muiz Le Din Allah Street. It was established by Sabiq El-Din El-Anuki who served as the eunuch in charge of the children in the royal palace at the reign of Sultan Shaban. He died in 1374, after occupying that position for about ten years. He erected this Madrasa in the place that was once the site of the Eastern Fatimid palace in the Medieval Cairo to be a school for El-Shafey Mazhab which was one of the Islamic rites Schools.

By the passage of time some parts of the mosque were ruined and thus it was renovated once in the early 20th century and another in the late 20th century. Of special interest in this Madrasa are the handsome Mashrabiya window and the harmoniously and attractively colored Mihrab. It is worth time to notice the floor of the Madrasa is handsomely covered with marble and the windows are decorated with marvelous colored glass and the main four aisles that are in a good condition till now.

The most unusual and striking part of this Madrasa is the Galleries or the Aghanis that was dedicated to the singers in the palaces since its use in the Madrasa is not clear. The Madrasa was also supplied with a number of rooms for the students and teachers.