The Mosque of Sit Hadaq stands in a small street eastward Sharia Port Said Opposite to El Madrasa El Khidewiya . It was established by Sit Hadaq (Lady Hadaq) or Sit Musk as she was known. She was one of the influential wealthy women in the court of Sultan El Nasir Mohamed . She was once the slave who was responsible for training and educating the children of the Sultan, and also the stewardess of the palace who was in charge of the royal celebrations and Hareem affairs. She established the mosque as a celebration for making pilgrimage in 1328 and this is explained on the façade of the mosque. This mosque is worth visiting for the important role of its owner in the reign of Sultan El-Nasir rather than its style of decoration or its location. The mosque is designed as a normal congregational mosque and the most admired part of it is the Mihrab with its hood that is handsomely decorated with glass mosaics.