The Mosque-Mausoleum of Emir Ulmas locates in Mohamed Ali Street. It was erected by Emir Seif El Din Ulmas during the reign of Sultan El Nasir Mohamed . Emir Seif El Din Ulmas worked as First Ustadar, Viceroy of Egypt and finally as the Sultan's deputy. He was executed for unknown reason in 1333 and buried in his mausoleum in the mosque. The complex is one of the few remaining mosques of that period.
It is distinguished by its canopy entrance with its pendent-shaped niches that was imitated in other mosques later. The door has some handsome bronze geometric vestiges. The windows of the mosque are ornamented with arabesque wooden screens.The Minaret collapsed many years later and the constructors failed in building another minaret as beautiful as the Mamluk one.
From inside the mosque has a rectangular shape and, like many other mosques of that time, the main courtardyard was covered with awnings. The Mihrab is harmoniously coloured and decorated with marble and scrolls in sprandles. On the street side of the mosque appears a domed tomb that is the mausoleum of Emir Ulmas.