The Complex of Sultan Inal locates in El-Sultan Ahmed Street 200 meters away from the Tomb of Qunsuwa Abu Said. This complex was Sultan Inal who was a prominent Mamluk of Sultan Barquq. He occupied many prominent jobs including the Emir of Forty and the Chief Dawadar and the Emir Kabir.

He became the Sultan of Egypt in 1451 and died few years later, and his reign was known as an age of stability and prosperity. This complex was once consisting of a Mausoleum, Khanqah, Mosque, Sabil, and Zawiya. But these buildings were not built at the same time, since he built the mausoleum first when he was an Emir, and after being the Sultan he added the other parts and surrounded all of them with a wall. This building is distinguished by the low dome and the Minaret that beautify the façade of it. The interior plan of the complex was once decorated with charming marble carvings but most of it disappeared now. In one of the corners of the complex one can see the mausoleum that involves the cenotaphs of Inal, his wife, and his boys Ahmad and Muhammad.