The Mosque of El-Lulua is about one kilometer away from Sharia Salah Salem and close to the area of El-Muqattam. Next to this mosque, one can see the Khanqah and Tomb of Shahin El-Khalawati. The mosque was built at the reign of Sultan El-Hakim Bi Amr Allah who was killed in the area of El-Muqattam. This rectangular-shaped mosque was luxuriously decorated and that is the reason for calling it the mosque of Lulua or pearl. The façade of the mosque was decorated with three arched openings made of brick and stone. In 1919, the façade and the vaults were destroyed and then the mosque was reconstructed by the Dawoodi Boharas later.

The mosque consists of two floors: the first one is built by limestone blocks that are taken from another area, while the upper floor and the vaults are made of brick. There is undecorated Mihrab in the first floor while the second floor is supplied with a beautifully ornamented Mihrab and some windows that illuminate the place.