The Mosque of Aslam al Silihdar situates in the square of El Darb El Ahmar few meters away from the Mosque of Qijmas El Ishaqi . It was built by Emir Bahaa El-Din Aslam El Silihdar who occupied many important posts including the Sword-bearer of Sultan El Nasir Mohamed. But he was imprisoned for about six years till the end of Sultan El-Nasir's rule as a result of a bad rumor that empoisoned their relation. The mosque has two façades: the larger one is distinguished by its marble panel and colorful interwoven forms gracefully decorated. On the other hand, the courtyard façade consist of a number of windows that have carved screens and medallions and keel-arched panels.

Inside the mosque appears the mausoleum of El-Silihdar that seems to be erected earlier than the mosque itself. It is a very high shrine and it has a ribbed brick dome decorated with Quran inscription, but some of it ruined. It is used now as a store room. The entrance of the mosque leads directly to the courtyard differently from the common cruciform style of that time. The four naves of the mosque are arched but are not at the same height. The Eastern nave includes the Qibla and a simply decorated Mihrab and a small Minbar exist. The design of this Mihrab is different from the design that was used at that time where arched panels were commonly used. The side wall is recessed and handsomely ornamented with stucco roundels. Above the Mihrab, there is a roundel beautifully decorated with colorful arabesque patterns. The north and south naves have a flat roof topped with a group of rooms for the people who live in that building. The west nave has no decoration and was used by the students and Sheikhs and Sufis. In 1900 there was a roof that had been added as a means for protecting the inner structure of the mosque.