Mosque of Mohamad Ali locates in Salah Salem Street within the walls the Citadel of Salah El-Din . Mohammed Ali was the ambitious ruler of Egypt in the period from 1805 till his death in 1848. This mosque is distinguished by its style of decoration that differs from the former Mamluk and Ottoman style, and its size since it can hold about 6500 person.

The location of the mosque is also highly strategic because it is surrounded by many remarkable monumental places in Cairo including the Mosque of El Rifaey , the complex of Sultan Hassan , and the Mausoleum of El-Shafey , in addition to Bab Zuwayla and El-Azhar . From outside, Mohammed Ali Mosque is distinguished by its central dome that is surrounded by four smaller domes. These domes with their Imperial Turkish style are handsomely decorated from inside with large medallions depicting the name of God, the Prophet, and the orthodox Caliphs. The central dome in addition to some other parts of the building suffered from some cracks, thus the building was restored in the 19th century. When these cracks reappeared later, the dome was removed and replaced with another handsomely decorated one in the early part of the 20th century.

The beautiful Alabaster Mihrab was presented as a gift to the mosque by King Farouk and it still beautifies one of the corners of the mosque.

The interior plan of the mosque is admired for the luxuriously decorated ablution fountain with handsome leaf forms on its either sides and the charming paintings that beautify the domed ceiling of the central courtyard of the mosque.

Next to the entrance of the mosque one can notice the mausoleum of Mohammed Ali with its marble inlaid cenotaph and the grille with charming bronze carvings. Of special interest in this mosque are the gingerbread clock that date back to the first half of the 19th century that was presented by Louis Philip, and the marvelously ornamented original wooden Mihrab that attracts the visitors of the place.