The Mosque of Mahmoud Muharram situates in El Gamaliya Street. It was erected by Hajj Mahmoud Muharram El-Fayumy who was one of the prominent merchants in the Ottoman period. The mosque is admired for the variety of its style of decoration since the façade follows the Mamluk style, while the rest of the structure is designed on the typical late Mamluk style. On either side of the façade, there are some shops whose rent was used for the maintenance of the building.
The portal and the widows of the mosque are beautified with handsome trilobed hood and are circular in shape. From the entrance, one can find the Maqsura, a place for reciting Quran and it is higher than the level of the aisles of the mosque. From inside, the mosque appears as a round courtyard with four central columns supporting the ceiling. In one of the corners of the Qibla wall stands the Mihrab with its beautiful marble vestiges. The mosque is provided with a Malqaj or wind scope in the ceiling over the central courtyard that was used mainly as a source of ventilation and illumination.