The Mosque of Mangak El-Yussufi lies in Qarafat Bab El Wazir Street nearby a series of monumental funerary chambers of many prominent Emirs in this period. This complex was constructed by Emir Mangak El-Yussufi who was a retainer of Sultan El-Nasser Muhammad Ibn Qalawun and in a short period he occupied many important posts including the Majordomo, the Viceroy of Egypt, and the Commander in Chief of the Army. Finally, he served as the Governor of Damascus, of Tripoli, and of Aleppo until his death in 1375.

The complex contains a mosque with a highly distinguishing design, a Khanqah, and a mausoleum in which the Sultan and his wife are buried. The mosque appears as a building of two floors with windows in the upper floor can be seen beyond shop fronts. The Minaret of the mosque is worth seeing for its handsome cushion moldings.

One can enter the mosque through an arched entrance. Adjacent to the small covered Sahn inside the mosque stands a fountain that was added to the mosque in a later process of renovation. Of special interest in this mosque is the Mihrab with its beautiful geometric patterns.

The Khanqah appears as a vast room that can be reached through some stair-steps in the north wall. In one of the corners of the Khanqah appears the mausoleum of Sultan Mangak and his wife. There is also a charming Mihrab that marks the direction of the head of the deceased people in their cenotaphs. One can reach the Citadel through a tunnel in the back wall.