The Mosque of Timraz El-Ahmadi lies in one of the corners of Sharia Port Said. It was constructed by Emir Timraz El-Ahmadi who worked as a junior official in the reign of Sultan Qaytbay. He rose to the rank of a Secondary Master of the Horses and then as an Emir of Forty. The mosque is distinguished by the small mausoleum with brick dome that stands close to the Minaret.
The interior plan of the mosque is handsome and well preserved and it is assumed that the building was restored in the 18th century. One of the sides of the mosque is decorated with an arch, while the other one is supplied with an opening in its center that overlooks a wide hall facing the Qibla. The beautiful Sabil-Kuttab of the mosque is placed on the other side of the street and it was renovated twice in the 18th century.