The Madrasa of Emir Sarghatmish locates in Saliba Street behind the Ibn Tulun Mosque and few meters away from the complex of Salar and Sangar . It was established by Emir Sarghatmish who was a famous Mamluk of Sultan El-Nasir Mohamed and grew up in the corps of Jamdars, or keepers of the wardrobe. In 1358, Sarghatmish was murdered and was buried in his mausoleum in the Madrasa. Of special interest in this Madrasa is the dome which is beautifully decorated with stalactites.
It was restored in 1940 and it is currently considered as one of the oldest and most beautiful remaining domes in Cairo. From the entrance of the Madrasa, one gets into a twisting corridor that leads to a square central courtyard. This court has a handsomely colored marble floor and a nice fountain in the middle and is surrounded by four vaulted aisles. The minaret situates at the other end of the facade and has a beautiful style of decoration that was imitated in many other buildings after that.
At the bottom of it, the square shaft is reduced to a base set on prismatic triangles, and at the top is a colonnade pavilion with ovoid final. The Madras involves also a nice Mihrab ornamented with leaf forms and sided by a panel of handsome marble medallions. The Minbar of the Madrasa dates from 1706.