The Mosque of El-Burdayni lies in Sharia Mohammed Ali next to the Mosque of Maleka Safiya. Few meters away from this monument in the side street of Mukhtar Pasha, one can find a number of monuments including the Sabil of Ibrahim Shurbagi Mustahfizan which dates from1694 and the Sabil- Kuttab of Shahin Agha Ahmad. The mosque of El-Burdayni was established by Karim El-Din Ahmed El-Burdayni who was a wealthy merchant in the Ottoman period.
The mosque is distinguished by its luxurious style of decoration that was not commonly used in the Ottoman mosques. It appears on the side of the street as a small building with a richly ornamented Minaret. The walls of the mosque are beautifully decorated with mosaic arcades and marble roundels. The ceiling is handsomely gilded and the windows are beautifully decorated with brightly colored stained glass. The Minbar of the mosque is inlaid with glimmering pearl unlike the one in the neighboring Mosque of Maleka Safiya.