The Mosque-Mausoleum of Hasan Pasha Taher lies in Berket El Fiel Street next to the remains of the Sabil-Kuttab of Ahmed Effendi Salim. It was built by Hasan Pasha Taher and his brother Abdin Bey Taher, who were two military functionaries at the reign of Mohamed Ali . The finely carved façade contains the entrance, the Minaret, and the Sabil-Kuttab. To the left stands the Mausoleum of Ahmed Pasha Taher Mausoleum that was removed from its original place in El Sayyida Zaynab to be located in Hasan Pasha Taher Mosque. It consists of a room with four aisles surmounted by a Dome. Concerning the inner view of the mosque, it is designed in a rectangular shape with a marble-paved floor and a painted ceiling. There are six marble columns dividing the interior into two arcades.