The Madrasa of Sultan Qaytbay lies in Maydan El-Rahbah that can be reached through the muiz street on Qalaat El-Kabsh. It was erected by Sultan El-Ashraf Abu El-Nasr Qaytbay who is credited to building many other monumental places in Egypt. The Madrasa is considered a good example for the classic congregational courtyard plan that date back to the Mamluk period.

The façade of the Madrasa is designed on the Mamluk style of decoration, while the portal has a different style. The portal is gracefully ornamented by carved chevron ablaq hood and stalactites.

The Madrasa has a cruciform plan with four arched aisles and the walls are beautifully ornamented with rows of white ablaq bands. The western aisle is dedicated for women to pray in and it is supplied with a small loggia. The floor of the Madrasa is gracefully covered with black and white marble patterns that still exist.