The Mosque of Ahmad El-Mihmandar locates in El Darbel Ahmar district in one of the small alleys off El Muiz Le Din Allah Street. It was established by Emir Shehab El-Din Ahmed Ibn Akoush El-Azizi. He was one of the important noble men in the days of Sultan El-Nasir Muhammad. He worked as the chief of protocol and later on he became responsible for the annual pilgrimage affairs. He died in 1332. The mosque is distinguished by its small size and the Mamluk style of decoration over the façade. It is handsomely ornamented with recesses, charming Quran inscriptions and beautifully decorated stalactite hoods. The Mihrab is remarkably ornamented with arched hood and upper windows framed with colorful ablaq.

From inside, the mosque consists of a small courtyard and two columns on the sides of the Qibla. There are some other columns in the sides of the mosque and an arched nave. The mosque was restored in the reign of the Turkish sultan Ahmad III in 1722-23 and many items were remodeled including the Mihrab windows and the courtyard.