The Mosque of El-Guyushy locates in the area of El-Muqattam Hills few meters away from Salah Salem Street. The mosque was established by Emir Badr El-Gamaly who was a prominent Fatimid Wazir and great ruler of Egypt in the period from1074 to 1094 and who restored Cairo defenses. Although this monument is designed as a mosque, the real goal of establishing it is not clear.
It is described on the façade as a Mashhad or a shrine, yet it was not used as a tomb at all and it is too far from the area of Qarafaa. There are many conflicting views concerning this issue including the one which says that this building was a watch tower disguised as a mosque.
The Minaret of this mosque is regarded as one of the oldest Minarets in Egypt and it has many illuminating features. It is ornamented with Syrian inscriptions and its lower base is very tall while the other two stories are beautifully designed using geometrical forms. Around the first floor, appear two rows of handsome niches and this design was commonly used in other buildings in Cairo later on. The Mihrab is gracefully decorated with Stucco vestiges and the niches are supplied with rectangular panels with beautiful Quran inscriptions on. The mosque was renovated by Dawoodi Boharas in 1990.