The Mosque of Abu Bakr Muzhir lies in the Qasaba next to the Mosque of Solayman Agha El-Silihdar. It was erected by Zayn El-Din Abu Bakr Ibn Muzhir El-Ansari El-Dimashqi El-Shafey who was a prominent religious scholar in that time. He served as the Head of the Imperial Chancery for 27 years until his death in 1489. Sultan Qaytbay was regarding him as his consultant and appointed him as an incorruptible gray eminence-a rarity. The blazon of Office of Abu Bakr beautifies several items in the mosque. The mosque is one of the remarkable remaining buildings that date back to the age of the Burgi Mamluk period. One of the most admired things in the mosque is the central door with its geometrically shaped and star-carved bronze ornaments. There is another side door nearby the Sabil-Kuttab of the mosque. The worth seeing elements inside the mosque are the Minbar that is handsomely decorated with the Blazon of the constructor and the ablution area. Next to the western aisle of the mosque, one can clearly see the railed balustrade that was dedicated to reciting the Holy Quran. The central aisle is supported with two colorful columns with triple arcades and the windows are decorated with arabesque forms. There are some stair-steps nearby the side entrance leading to the upper floor where the one can see an alcove with a nice wooden door in which the prayer mats were kept.