The Mosque of Sayyida Eisha situates nearby Salah Salem Street in a famoussquare that carries the name of the mosque. It was established in the 18th century by Emir Abd El-Rahman Katkhoda who is credited to building many monumental places around Cairo.
El-Sayyida Aisha is the daughter of Jafar El-Sadiq and one of the members of the family of Prophet Mohammed. She died in Egypt in 762 and was buried in her tomb that had been renovated and redecorated many times by several patrons since the Ottoman period till the time of Katkhoda.
The mosque of Sayyida Aisha is a beautifully decorated building that was renovated in the 20th century and is still preserved. The cenotaph of Sayyida Aisha lies in one of the corners of the mosque. The mosque has two doors: one specialized for men to enable them to reach the cenotaph and also pray in the mosque, and another side door for women through which they can walk around the tomb of Sayyida Aisha. The mosque has a lovely dome supported with eight pillars in a circular form.