The Mosque of Mahmoud El- lies in El Muiz Le Din Allah Street near bt Bab Zuwayla and El Khayameya and opposite to the Maqaad of Radwan Bey . It was constructed by Emir Mahmud El-Kurdi who was the Ustadar or majordomo at the time of Sultan Barquq. The style of decoration of the façade varies from the common decoration at that time because of using stone and zigzag pattern in the dome. The Minaret of that mosque has a distinguishing shape for that period since it has a round structure that looks like the one of the late Ottoman.
The mosque has a handsomely decorated metal door that opens on the one of the small streets nearby the tent making market that usually attract the tourists to it. Looking inside the mosque, one can see a long room surrounded by two naves. Those two naves are one step above the room and ceiling of the naves is higher than the one of the central area. In the central area, appear three wooden covered windows and no side naves are found which make it similar to the design of a house.