Mosque of Sayyida Sakina Bent El Husein is one of the popular placed in Cairo. El Sayyida Sakina was the daughter of El Husein, grandson of Prophet Mohamed, the wife of Abd Allah Ibn El Zubair Ibn El Awam. She witnessed the War of Carbalaa where her father and her two brothers and a large number of her relatives and of the Muslims were martyred. Numerous people usually visit the mosque especially in the day of Mulid El Sayyida Sakina, regarding it as a more blessed place.
This mosque dates back to the Umayad period and this appears clearly in its style of decoration. The façade of the mosque is handsomely decorated with Kufic inscriptions and geometrically patterned Islamic decorations. The portal of the mosque is surmounted with a medium-size dome with fascinating Islamic decorations and floral paintings sided by a Minaret of Ottoman style. In one of the corners of the interior plan, stands the mausoleum of Sayyida Sakina with cleverly decorated silver screen around it.
Worth admiration in the interior plan of the mosque is the magnificent marble inlaid Mihrab and the wooden Minbar with fascinating star shapes and other geometric patterned ornament. Remarkably, in one of the corners of the mosque stands a luxurious wooden seat with Islamic decoration known as Dikka where the retailer of Quran usually stays to be heard by all the people in the mosque.