The Madrasa-Khanqah of Sultan El-Ashraf Barsbay locates in the point in which El Muiz Le Din Allah Street intersects with El-Musky Street. This is one of the famous local market usually visited by tourists who are interested in shopping for herbs , spices handmade basketry works , Alabaster statues, copper and brass plates to take as souvenirs. It was erected by Sultan Barsbay who was known for his cruelty and dictatorship.
After his conquest over Cyprus in the second half of the early 15th century, he took tribute from the descendants of the Crusader kings of Jerusalem and they were paying till the end of the Mamluk rule. He sponsored the construction of this complex from the money he earned from monopolizing sugar and pepper. The complex of Barsbay involves a Sabil-Kuttab that appears nearby the entrance of the mosque. It is marked by the beautifully decorated Mashrabiya screen that was used for hiding the cistern of the Sabil and a nice alcove in front of it.
There is a long vestibule linking between the main entrance and the main courtyard of the mosque. The beauty of the interior plan of the mosque is accentuated by the richly inlaid Mihrab and the handsome inscriptions in the vaulted aisle. The ceiling of the north aisle is also beautifully ornamented with gilded and blue tapestry. On the street side of the Mosque-Madrasa stands a handsome mausoleum preceded by a place for the Quran readers. It involves the cenotaphs of Barsbay's wife Fatima AShrafiya and her son Muhammed. Although there are many ruined parts of the monument, yet it is still worth visiting.