White Desert National Park is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in Egypt and is considered the perfect site for safari trips; people usually visit it on their way to the Farafra oasis. It was recently announced as a protected area around the year 2002 AD and became popular among tourists and Egyptians. It is visited by a large number of tourists from all over the world who wish to enjoy observing charming landscapes. The protectorate also has major scientific importance for containing one of the oldest trees of acacia Nilotica. In addition, it comprises several species of animals such as Gazella Leptoceros, Fennec foxes, Slender-horned Gazelle and others, but it used to contain a lot more animals years ago along with the existence of lakes which were filled with species of fish. Moreover, the strong wind in this area has resulted in carving amazing formations and shapes which attract the attention of visitors who get captured by the unique view of white sand and rocks. Visitors also enjoy interesting camping at night to observe the shining stars in the White Desert and get amazed by a view gathering both sunset and dawn, creating magical colours in the sky. The camping experience also includes getting warm around the fire and enjoying delicious food. When you visit Egypt, you must consider heading to the White Desert where you will get to experience an entertaining trip and see spectacular scenery. It is a place worth visiting, so try not to miss the pleasure of visiting it.