Wadi El Rayan is an incredible protectorate located in Faiyum, Egypt. It attracts a large number of visitors from all over the world, therefore, it is one of the major touristic destinations in Egypt. You will be fascinated by its magical waterfalls, which is considered one of the largest waterfalls in Egypt, set between the upper and lower lake. You must not miss taking photos with such a view. Do not also forget to capture the moment you fly in the air during your entertaining sandboarding experience on the soft sandy hills of Gabal Madwera in Wadi El Rayan. Also, take a look at the amazing Qarun Lake, which is seen as one of the largest salt lakes in Egypt. If you like fishing you can also try catching some fish from the lake since it is a famous fishing area for comprising various species of fish, including sole, eel, shrimp and others. You can also have an enjoyable boat trip in Magic Lake which has captivating beauty. In addition, you must head to Wadi El Hitan protectorate which is a sort of an outdoor museum where you will get to see fossils of extinct whales, shells, shark teeth and more sea creatures. Moreover, Wady El Rayan houses several species of unique plants and a variety of endangered animals such as slender-horned gazelle, fennec fox, Dorcas gazelle and others along with some birds, reptiles and more. There is also an area which contains several sulphur springs for medical treatment. Your trip to Wady El Rayan will be filled with a lot of fantastic activities, and you will also get to relax and observe the beauty of nature.