Gebel Elba or Elba Mountain is an important protectorate which lies in the southeastern side of Egypt in the Halaib Triangle and around 250 kilometers south of Marsa Alam. Permission is required to visit the protected area since it is located near the Sudanese borders. It is also one of the largest National Parks with an area of more than 35 thousand square kilometers. It was announced as a protectorate around the year 1985 AD by Ahmed Nazif, the Egyptian Prime Minister at that time. The protected area is privileged with pleasant weather which is cool and humid since it is located near the Red Sea, and rain falls heavily and frequently every year. It is composed of various areas such as Al-Daeib, Al-Abraq and Alba Mountain. Wadi Al-Abaq is an ancient area which comprises several valleys and hot springs along with some historical monuments, including wall inscriptions, Pharaonic artifacts and more. The amazing location of the protectorate on the Red Sea has enriched it with a large variety of fascinating coral reefs, seagrass and different species of underwater creatures such as sea turtles and more. Moreover, there are various endangered species of animals, reptiles and birds along with different types of plants including medical ones. Some of the most famous trees also exist in this area such as the mangrove and acacia which are spread along the coast together with the stunning Balanites Aegyptiaca trees which can survive in the desert and can also be considered a medicinal plant. You will also get to meet Bedouin residents who live on the resources of the area and produce several products. You will have an amusing trip full of adventures and enjoyable activities when you visit Gebel Elba National Park.