If you are looking for an exciting trip full of real desert adventures, you must head to the extraordinary Bahariya Oasis or El-Wahat el-Bahariya which was declared as a protected area around the year 2010 AD. It is one of the best-known oases in the Western Desert of Egypt and is located near the city of Cairo at around 370 kilometers, and thus it attracts a large number of visitors who wish to have a peaceful and relaxing time in the quietness of the desert. Safari trips are always organized in this area to explore the desert, therefore, do not miss such an interesting activity. The oasis is also filled with several natural springs that you can stop by after finishing your safari trip such as Bir Al Ghaba, Bir Hakima, Bir Al Matar and others. In addition, when you visit the Bahariya Oasis, you will be taken to a journey through the Pharaonic history by visiting ancient attractions and seeing a variety of magnificent monuments that have survived over the past years. For example, you can take a look at the Temple of Alexander, the Valley of the Golden Mummies and more. Furthermore, you have to stop by the town of Bawati where you can also visit the museum there and a lot other ancient sites in the surrounding area along with doing some shopping and buying exceptional hand-made Bedouin goods such as scarfs, rugs and more. Finding the chance to spend such a spectacular trip cannot be wasted because you will get to have an enjoyable and adventurous experience in the desert, will be involved in the simple Bedouin life and culture and will have the pleasure of watching charming natural scenes.