The protectorate of Salouga and Ghazal is one of the smallest areas in Egypt which contains various islands including two major islands that the area is named after. You can take a look at this protectorate during your visit to the fabulous city of Aswan in Egypt where you can also stop by the Asbournati and Amoun islands since they are located nearby and visit other famous tourist destinations such as the Nubian Museum, the Elephantine island and others. It was established as a protected area around the year 1986 AD with the purpose of protecting the biological diversity of threatened animals, plants and mammals. In addition, although it is located within the River Nile, the protectorate contains a variety of animals such as camels, African wild ass, goats, red fox, hyenas and more. Both endangered resident and immigrant birds also exist on the islands, including black-headed ibis, Eurasian hoopoe, Bulbul and others more, in addition to the availability of many types of plants which only grow on Nile islands. The protectorate is a popular tourist attraction for containing landscapes which capture the sight of visitors from all around the world with their incredible beauty that provides a sense of relief, peace and comfort. You will get to enjoy being surrounded by green areas, do bird watching if you are a fan of birds and certainly be fascinated by the view of the Nile. Generally, visiting Aswan is a must, especially by experiencing the fantastic Nile Cruise trip between Luxor and Aswan where you will get to learn more about ancient Egyptian history through heading to a large number of ancient landmarks and doing a lot more.