Lake Burullus is one of the largest natural lakes in Egypt and a fascinating protected area in Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate. It lies east of the Rosetta branch of the Nile and is detached from the Mediterranean Sea by a sandbar. It was declared as a protectorate during the year 1998 AD. It features high dunes of sand and around 135 species of plants, including fiber, medicinal and fodder plants. It is also a suitable shelter for receiving a large number of wild migratory birds with all their types, and thus it is the right place for bird lovers who wish to enjoy bird watching. In addition, the lake is home for several species of fish which exist in a salty area. Fishing is permitted in this area since it is inhabited by a large number of residents who rely mainly on fishing and on the resources of the lake.  The reserve provides all these living creatures a warm climate throughout the year, and rainfall usually occurs during autumn and winter and is considered an extra source of freshwater to the Lake. Moreover, the main aims of establishing the protectorate are to preserve the biological diversity and observe environmental changes in Lake Burullus along with protecting endangered species from human activities, maintaining natural resources of major economic importance and doing some scientific researches. Your visit to Lake Burullus will allow you to escape the hustle of cities for a while and have some time enjoying the beauty and quietness of nature which reflects a relaxing feeling.