Ashtum El-Gamil is a unique protectorate situated about 7 kilometers from the stunning city of Port Said in Egypt. It is located on the coastal road between Damietta and Port Said. It was announced as a protected area during the year 1998 AD. While visiting Ashtum El-Gamil, you must not miss the fabulous Tennis Island, which is a well-known tourist attraction comprising a collection of ancient monuments related to the era of the Ayyubid dynasty, since they are both parts of the area of Lake Manzala which lies along the Mediterranean coast. The objectives of making Ashtum El Gamil a protectorate are the preservation of the biological variety of Manzala Lake, the protection of endangered species including both migratory and resident birds, conservation of fish stocks in Manzala Lake, protection of medicinal plants and more. The protectorate is one of the major areas for housing birds and it contains various resident species such as the Little Gull, flamingoes, Phalacrocorax, Larus minuta and others more, in addition to immigrating birds which use the protectorate as a shelter to rest and find food during immigration season. In addition, the area is enriched with several species of fish, and thus it has great economic importance due to frequent fishing. You will also find many types of medicinal plants like leaf rode, hibiscus and more which are used in treating several diseases. Moreover, you will enjoy its pleasant Mediterranean climate which features mild summer and warm winter with annual rainfall. Your trip to Ashtum El-Gamil protected area will be full of amusing activities, including fishing, bird watching, visiting historical landmarks, relaxing, enjoying the beauty of nature and more.