Ras Muhammad National Park is one of the fascinating protectorates in Egypt and is located in the south of Sinai Peninsula bordered by the Gulf of Suez from the west and by the Gulf of Aqaba from the east. You can visit it on your way to the amazing city of Sharm El-Sheikh since the distance between both is about 12 kilometers. The protectorate includes various species of colourful fish, sea turtles, beautiful coral reefs and underwater caves created due to the occurrence of some earthquakes. It also houses a variety of major birds and animals on land like gulls, Heron, Nubian ibex, some reptiles and more which appear at night. It was established to prevent fishing by humans in this area to preserve the survival of Red sea creatures. In addition, there are acacia trees, plants, herbs and grass. You will get the chance to relax among the elements of nature and enjoy the charming view. The weather gets too hot during the summer and moderate in winter, so it is preferred that you head to the protectorate during the winter season to have an enjoyable trip. The Ras Za’atir is one of the most amazing areas for diving in Ras Mohammed National Park since it is more than 40 meters deep. Thus, you will get the chance to have an amusing diving experience and see a series of underwater caves along with black coral trees. You can also do snorkeling in Main Beach where you will enjoy observing fascinating fish and more. Ras Mohammed comprises other famous beaches, diving areas and lakes like Shark & Jolanda Reefs, Khashaba Beach, Salt Lake and a lot more.