The extraordinary city of Cairo comprises one of the interesting protected areas in Egypt which is called the Petrified Forest Protectorate, and is also known by the name Gabal el-Khashab or Wood Hill. It is located near the area of Maadi, so it can be easily reached. It has a history of 35 million years but it was announced as protectorate around the year 1989 AD. It is an area filled with the remaining of petrified trees which belong to ancient ages and have been transferred as a result of the occurrence of floods on the hills of the Red Sea. It is assumed to be a major scientific destination for its geological history, which allows learning more about ancient life on Earth through examining fossilized pieces, as well as an entertaining touristic and cultural site which captures the attention of tourists from everywhere around the world. You will find a large number of petrified trees, stones, trunks and more exhibited and spread all over the place. It also contains different species of plants, including pastoral plants, acacia trees, bushes and others. The establishment of several buildings around the area of the protectorate is a threat that resulted in the extinction of many animals throughout the years. The protectorate is one of the popular destinations among nature lovers who admire and enjoy observing the beauty of nature and knowing more about the unique history. It is a place of great importance in Egypt, and thus it will be an enjoyable trip to have.