During your visit to the incredible city of Aswan in Egypt, do not forget to take a look at the glamorous Wadi Al-Allaqi Protectorate. It was established as a protected area around the year 1989 AD and was announced by the UNESCO as Biosphere Reserve during the year 1993 AD. It is also considered one of the largest dry rivers in Egypt, and its area is about thirty thousand square kilometers. The flow of water from Aswan High Dam has created an area of lakes in Wadi EL Allaqi. It is inhabited by the Bejas nomadic tribes living on and benefiting from the resources of the land, including using medicinal plants, producing charcoal for fuel, taking advantage of nickel and copper and more. The protectorate contains different types of plants including some plants which grow annually and others which exist all the time, in addition to the availability of medicinal plants. Moreover, it is a home for several species of animals, birds, reptiles producing venom and more. It is said that the Wadi Al-Allaqi has witnessed gold mining activity in past years before becoming a protectorate. The area consists of around nine residential areas which include eight comprising ancient gold workings and one filled with copper and nickel. By visiting Wadi Al-Allaqi, you will get the chance to enjoy the captivating beauty of nature and have a comfortable and quiet trip away from the usual noise of daily life. Thus, you must not ignore such an interesting trip while visiting Egypt.