The amazing Wadi El Gemal National Park or the Valley of Camels is situated 40 kilometers from the city of Marsa Allam in Egypt. It has become a protectorate around the year 2003 AD. It is one of the largest parks in Egypt, and its area is around seven thousand square kilometers, including both land and sea. Featuring a variety of spectacular landscapes such as mountains, deserts, valleys, green areas and the sea is what makes it a suitable place for everyone. Therefore, it is considered one of the most preferred and most visited regions in Egypt. The park also contains different species of plants like Acacia trees, Tamarix aphylla, Anastatica hierochuntica which is a famous medicinal plant and more. In addition, it is home for several animals, including Dorcas Gazelle, Nubian Ibex and others, and you will also see some reptiles like the Jerboa and more. You can also enjoy bird watching since there are various species in the park such as Sooty Falcon, Spoonbill, Caspian Tern and more. Moreover, when you decide to experience diving or snorkeling, you will be charmed by the variety of sea creatures, including dolphins, sea turtles, parrotfish, rabbitfish and a lot more. One of the fascinating natural landscapes in the park is the Hamata Mountain which is also one of the largest mountains in the Eastern Desert and where you can enjoy hiking if you wish to make your trip more exciting and adventurous. There are also various lovely islands such as Wadi El Gemal Island where you will get to see some beautiful coral reefs and seagrasses along with birds and sea turtles. Make sure you head to the marvelous Wadi El Gemal during your trip to Egypt because you will be missing a lot by not visiting it.