Saint Katherine Protectorate is a well-known National Park in the south of Sinai in Egypt. It comprises some of the highest peaks such as Mount Catherine, Mount Sinai and others.  The area containing the Mount of Sinai was established as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The protectorate also contains around 30 species of rare reptiles and various species of unique medicinal and poisonous plants and other exceptional plants that only grow in this place. Moreover, there are various churches and monasteries, including Saint Catherine's Monastery which attracts a large number of tourists, in addition to a collection of monuments associated with the Byzantine and Pharaonic age. Several wells like the well of Moses and others are also located in the protectorate. The climate in Saint Catherine is hot in summer during the day and mild during the night. In winter, the peaks of mountains get covered with snow and the weather becomes cold, so it is recommended to wear heavy outfits to keep you warm in case you have decided to climb Mount Moses. If you are looking for an adventure and wish to have an entertaining time doing something challengeable, you must consider visiting Saint Katherine and enjoy the incredible experience of climbing. You can also enjoy riding a camel in the desert, try the delicious Bedouin food which is cooked on fire and tasty Bedouin tea and get engaged in the lovely atmosphere and listen to interesting stories since there are many Bedouins living in the area and have a major role in protecting the area, and thus it is considered safe to visit.