Ras Abu Gallum is a famous protectorate that lies in south Sinai in Egypt. It is located on the road between Sharm El-Sheikh and Taba and is characterized by the proximity of its high mountains and beaches. It is also famed for the under caves which exist in the depth but they are not actually allowed to be entered because they are unstable. Therefore, while diving you must stick to the rules and follow professional divers to enjoy diving in popular and safe spots. In addition, the Abu Gallum protectorate comprises a variety of coral reefs, different species of sea creatures, plants, sea herbs and more. Valleys and mountains house a large number of birds and animals like the Striped Hyena, Hyrax and more along with different species of snakes. The purpose of founding Ras Abu Gallum protectorate is the protection of coral reefs and mangrove trees. Ras Abu Gallum is one of the fantastic sites which capture the attention of several tourists from all over the world with its beautiful nature. You can stop by the protectorate on your way to Dahab or you can try a splendid hiking experience from the Blue Hole to Ras Abu Gallum or you can ride a camel instead and enjoy watching the magical view of the mountains of Sinai. If you do not prefer hiking or riding a camel, you can enjoy a boat trip to reach your destination in around 20 minutes. During your visit, you will feel the pleasure of experiencing the Bedouin life, hearing entertaining stories from inhabitants and enjoying Bedouin food and tea.