Siwa Oasis is a major protectorate in Egypt that will charm you with its natural beauty. It is situated around 50 milometers from Libyan borders in Egypt. Siwa Oasis contains several lakes and springs and is filled with olive and palm trees. It also houses various species of animals like the Gazella leptoceros, Vulpes zerda, Fennec Fox and other endangered animals including jubatus and more. The nice climate of Siwa is one of the reasons that help in attracting several visitors annually since it features a mild climate in spring, but it is hot in summer and cold in winter. Moreover, Siwa has managed to create its own exceptional and independent culture with customs and traditions that differ from the Egyptian culture. The inhabitants of Siwa are famed for their hand-crafts including pottery, basketry, silver ornaments, unique traditional outfits and more. In addition, you get to enjoy attending unusual festivals like the Siyaha Festival during which men gather on Gabal it-Takrur, which is located near the village, to eat delicious food and start singing together, while women enjoy celebrating with singing and dancing. Siwa can be easily reached by taking a flight to Cairo or Alexandria, and then continue your trip by taking a bus directly to Siwa or a taxi. You will have an interesting trip to Siwa where you will get to know more about the culture, history and different beliefs, visit several places, purchase some gorgeous souvenirs and gifts to take back home to save the memory, attend entertaining festivals and more to explore.