Mount Kamel Meteor protectorate, which is located on the east side of the New Valley governorate in Egypt, was designated as a natural protected area around the year 2012 AD. It was discovered during the year 2010 AD when a team of Egyptians and Italians went on a geological expedition to explore the area and found one of the largest holes on Earth with a depth of 16 meters, which clarifies that a giant meteor has hit the land from thousands of years, along with the remains of the meteor. Currently, a sample of the meteor, which weighs around 85 kilograms, is exhibited at the Egyptian Geological Museum. According to researches and geological studies, the meteor has come from the asteroid area between Jupiter and Mars and is composed of two metal components which are iron and nickel. Doing studies and researches on these components is extremely important since they are major elements included in the composition of the core of the earth and the planets of the solar system. Moreover, these metals are of major economic importance for the country. The Mount Kamel Meteor protectorate has hosted several tourists from all over the world who are interested to know more about the meteor and to see the massive impact of the ancient collision of a body from outer space. School trips are also organized to the reserve for the reason of exploring the area and spreading awareness among youth about the historical, economic and geological value of such an area located in Egypt.